It is tempting to believe that dark chocolates are healthier than other types of candy.

This idea is supported by a number of studies and articles in the news. Some people even claim that dark chocolate may be healthy and not harmful.

Researchers have found that chocolate has many benefits. It can improve your heart health, help you lose weight and even make you happier. When you read the disclosures and author information, you will often find that chocolate manufacturers like Nestle and Hershey sponsored many of these studies.

Mars Edge, in partnership with more than 40 universities and research institutes, has published over 160 articles on the health benefits of cacao. Mars Inc. is the maker and seller of some of your favorite candy bar brands.

This doesn’t mean that they are lying but it shows how eager they want to convince hungry snackers that their products are worth purchasing.

Cocoa Flavanols

These studies also tend to focus more on a particular compound found in cocoa than on full candy bars.

Flavanols, or phytochemicals (plant compounds), can be beneficial to our health. Flavonoids are found in nearly all plants, which may explain why fruits and vegetables have such a high nutritional value. They may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that can help prevent chronic diseases.

Cocoa is also rich in flavonols, as it is a product of a plant. The majority of studies on dark chocolate and cocoa isolate the cocoa flavanol compounds and use these beneficial effects to “prove that chocolate is healthy”.

Most people don’t mention that you would have to consume a large amount of chocolate to receive enough flavanols to be beneficial. This means you will also be consuming a lot of sugars, fats and calories.

Chocolate Is Not A Miracle Pill

As long as you consume food in moderation, it’s not too bad. It’s not very helpful.

This product will not cure your illnesses or solve all of your health problems.

Our health is affected in both good and bad ways by what we eat.

Healthy eating does not mean that you have to eat one specific food. Eating a variety of healthy foods every day is the key.

You can get the same benefits from other foods like fruits, vegetables and beans as you would with chocolate.

Imagine you occasionally want to indulge in a chocolate bar. You’ll be fine if you do, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that chocolate is healthy just because it contains a certain chemical.

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