The older generations complain about the younger generation.

“Young adults today are so entitled, narcissistic and self-centered!”

Each new generation is characterized by similar statements. These characteristics could be more applicable to young people as a whole than the current generation.

Although there’s no cure for narcissistic personality, some characteristics may change or lessen as people age .

Does personality change as we age?

It is assumed that personality traits will remain fairly constant throughout a person’s life.

Some traits can be modified and molded.

Although it may not be as dramatic as when Scrooge’s personality changed after he was visited by ghosts from Christmases past, present and future, the right circumstances can bring about a change.

As we age, there is a tendency to become more conscientious and agreeable. People also tend to become less flexible and rigid with their beliefs and thinking as they age.

Some of our personality traits may remain the same while others may evolve over time.

Narcissism and Age

We are capable of maturing and growing, learning new strategies to manage our emotions and behaviors, and changing how we view ourselves and others.

As we age, our social interactions change. These experiences can make us more aware and emotionally intelligent. As we age, it can help us become more compassionate, accepting, and less critical of ourselves and others.

Older individuals also have more life experience, which gives them a richer and more nuanced perspective on the world.

As people age, they can become more reflective, insightful and introspective.

Raising children is one of the most important experiences that people can have to become more emotionally intelligent.

Narcissism can also worsen in some cases. It is usually due to the way in which people in positions or power can reinforce traits associated with narcissism. This can also be exacerbated by increased stress or frustration due to unfulfilled affirmations.

It is important to continue improving ourselves as we age. It’s never too early to change personality traits that aren’t pleasing or causing you problems.

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