You may feel overwhelmed as you search for the perfect skincare product.

Most of the words and phrases used on cosmetics or skincare products are either marketing jargon, or filler.

Marketers use many techniques and tricks to grab our attention and convince them that their product is worth buying. Marketers can be in serious trouble if their claims are false or if they misrepresent the product. They use words and phrases that may sound nice but have no meaning.

Unhelpful Marketing Phrases

Here’s a list of some misleading terms that are commonly used by cosmetics and skincare companies:

Clinically Proven

“Clinically proven” and “dermatologist-tested” sound like credible endorsements, but they don’t really mean much. Cosmetics are not subject to FDA approval like drugs.

What were the results? What was the exact proof, and how reliable is it?

Maximum Strength

The “maximum” does not refer to a product’s concentration. It’s possible to see the words “clinical strength” which sounds like it is as strong as prescription medication. But it probably isn’t.

Does the added strength increase effectiveness? Is maximum ideal?

Patented Technology

It means they have received and applied for a patent. This does not mean that it’s effective or will produce better results.

What makes it different from other products available? Is it unique or better?

Instant Results

The term “instant” can be subjective. Although you may see benefits almost immediately, they might not be as substantial as any other skincare products.

How long will these “instant” results last? This short-term gain will it have long-term effects?


It may be that some of the ingredients are plant-based, but not all. It can also be a synthetic ingredient that has similar effects as a plant.

Is natural more effective? Natural is it more effective?

What to Look for instead

To determine if a product is safe and effective, you should look at the ingredients list. You can also find out which materials are supported by medical studies

These catchy phrases were created to get you to buy a product. Marketers often use these phrases to suggest that some products are better than others.

The phrase “Maximum strength!” could suggest that other options aren’t as strong. “Our product delivers instant results” suggests that other products may not, but they might be just as good.

Try something else if a product doesn’t work for you. Marketing claims can be very impressive, but the real results and safety are more important.

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