What side effects could be listed in the warning label for “laughter”?

Certain medicines are toxic at incorrect dosages, and can be dangerous to people who have certain susceptibility factors. Could laughter be considered the same?

Laughter does not come without risk. There are very low risks, but there are still some. There have been rare reports of health problems caused by laughter.

Laughter is a great way to lift our spirits and feel better. It relieves stress, tension and pain and is likely to increase our lifespans.

Potential Harms associated with Laughter

Exhaling air after laughing can introduce germs or other contaminants. You could catch a virus if you laugh with someone who is sick. You could also spread contagious germs.

For asthma patients, laughing and other strong emotions such as crying or excitement can trigger an attack. A laughing too hard can also lead to asphyxiation or suffocation. These cases are most likely caused by nitrous dioxide (laughing gas), an anesthetic used for dental procedures.

A woman with a heart condition (patent foamen ovale), suffered a stroke after a prolonged bout of laughter .

A loud belly laugh may also cause a hernia protrude.

These risks are rare. The rarity of cases where laughter has been directly linked to negative health effects makes them noteworthy.

Benefits of Laughter

Do not let these rare incidents scare you from having fun. The risks of laughing are far outweighed by the benefits.

Laughter can improve your overall well-being and life satisfaction. It may also prolong your life.

People with a low rate of laughter are also more likely to have cardiovascular disease. This can affect life expectancy .

Laughter lowers arterial stiffness and improves endothelial functions. Lowers your risk for myocardial ischemia Heart Attacks.

Laughter can increase tolerance to pain and stress. You’ll burn a few extra calories too.

Even self-induced or simulate laughter has a positive effect on blood pressure levels and cortisol.

The rewards are also high. You can laugh alone or with friends. Watch a funny film, listen to comedians, or come up with some funny ideas. Don’t worry about the few cases in which laughter can have negative effects. Overall, laughter is a positive and healthy emotion.

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