It is obvious that being happy feels better than feeling unhappy.

These emotional feelings are not only in your head. They are linked to physical states.

Happiness is a good indicator of health. People who report a higher rate of happiness tend to have more minor ailments and may even live longer than those who are less happy or unhappy.Advertisement

Happy Because You Are Healthy, Or Healthy Because You Are Happy?

You can easily jump to the conclusion that people are happy “because” they are healthy and that unhealthiness is what causes unhappiness.

The causality could be in the opposite direction.

Chronic Stress can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration and gastrointestinal problems.

Positive emotions and happiness can also boost your immune system.

In two studies, volunteers aged 18 and older were asked to rate their emotional style as positive (happy), negative (anxious), or neutral (calm). They were then intentionally exposed, under controlled and consenting conditions, to nasal drops containing influenza and rhinovirus virus.

Positive emotional styles are consistently linked to a reduced risk of developing upper respiratory illnesses and less reported symptoms.

Being happy can make it easier for you to adopt and maintain healthy habits and choices that will improve your overall health.

A Few Tips For Increasing Happiness

You can grow and change no matter what you’re going through or how you feel.

Look for ways to conceptualize the situation in a positive light. Find positive ways to conceptualize a situation.

It is possible to feel pain without feeling depressed or overwhelmed by it. Try to be aware of your mind and body, and try to distinguish between physical pain and your emotional state.

Learn new ways to deal with stress. Instead, try coping techniques that include deep breathing, exercise, socializing, therapy or taking a walk in nature.

Spend more time with friends and family. Share your experiences. Meet new people. Participate in a shared hobby, such as sports, dance, or collaborative arts. Donate resources, volunteer your time or energy or offer your expertise to the community.

Everyone can find happiness. You can find happiness in even the smallest of things. Take a walk with your family, read an interesting book or cook dinner for them.

Finding happiness is not something that happens by accident, and it’s not easy to make changes, especially if you are depressed. But even small steps can lead you to happiness.

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