Observing others can be very enlightening.

You can learn from others’ experiences and habits to improve your own health and lifestyle.

While it is great to learn from others, comparing yourself and feeling jealous about their success will only keep you from reaching your full potential.

If you try to meet someone else’s expectations, you will lose sight of the unique qualities and strengths that make you, well, YOU.

Your achievements should not be diminished by the success of others. Celebrate your heroic accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be, and keep working towards your goals.

Comparison Traps

Comparing ourselves with others is one of the biggest traps that we fall into on our fitness journey. We compare our bodies with other peoples’ bodies, our careers with other peoples’ careers, and our homes with other peoples’ homes. We can compare our mental or emotional states with those of others.

This type of comparison is never productive. This can cause us to feel unsatisfied with our lives and doubt our abilities. It can also make us believe that we’re not good-enough.

It’s impossible to accurately compare ourselves with others because we all have different strengths. It’s impossible to compare ourselves with others accurately.

It’s possible that we misunderstand the other person. They might be at a different point in their life, or have different priorities. You may only see the side they want to show you.

Instead, focus on the progress you’ve made and your strengths to help you succeed.

Competing with Yourself

Accept your unique journey.

You should strive to improve yourself both mentally and physically. Fitness is an everyday way to improve yourself by increasing your strength, endurance and mind-body connection.

Instead of trying your best to match the measurements and records of others, try to improve on yourself each day. It’s impossible to accurately gauge your progress without comparing yourself with your former self.

Aim high and enjoy the journey.

Fitness isn’t a race; it’s a journey that you must take one step at a given time. Don’t compare your personality to anyone else.

You’re your best competitor.

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